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PETAMINDA Training as a Premium Malaysia Training Solutions Provider delivers an extraordinary scope of the management and personal skills development courses, concentrated on improving practical thinking skills to enhance the performance of peoples and organizations.

We band together with government agencies, private sectors, professional trainers and individuals to address their needs, thereby organizing training and consultation in order to enable the working professionals to thrive and accomplish the business transform’s goals.

With our expertise and in-depth experiences in the training industry since 2010, we understand most of the major challenges faced by organizations in the process of building high-potential talents, and we’ll make sure they are always ahead of the game.


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Why choose us for your organization training?

Premium Malaysia Training Solutions Designed For Business & Organizers


Building organizations and staff thrive

Our high quality learning programs help transform your organization into a better place to work

Discover the program tailored to your needs

Creating a memorable event at our venue space

Whether you are organising a meeting, workshop, seminar or training, our fully equipped and versatile rooms provide endless options on room layout and design to run your events

Discover the inspiring venue space


Achieve Your Organization Goals

Let’s work together in designing best training solutions for your business transform and team thrive